[Diagrams: loudspeaker instantaneous voltage v current, loudspeaker directivity, moving coil driver cross-section]
Commercial Audio and Automotive Journalism
In today's multiskill work environment I additionally produce most of the diagrams that accompany my published work, which often involves writing bespoke software utilities to generate the data and/or graphics. For the creation of line drawings and circuit diagrams I use CAD and schematic capture software.
All this equips me to assist a variety of businesses with marketing materials such as brochures, manuals, white papers and PowerPoint presentations. I can write copy from scratch or, if you have the essentials already written out, I can hone existing text to enhance its clarity and readability, without sacrificing accuracy.

Jobs are charged on a capped total, hourly rate basis so that customers know the maximum cost upfront but will save money if I have overestimated the time requirement. If you additionally need print/web design or print origination services,
I can put you in touch with trusted colleagues who work in these areas. CD, DVD-V and DVD-A authoring are available in-house should you require them.

Please contact me on 0870 0103150 or by email to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.
In 2007 I celebrated 30 years of magazine writing about high-quality audio and 16 writing about automotive technology. Almost 10 of those audio years were spent as a magazine staffer, nine as an editor. Much of what I have written over the decades is technical feature material, some of which can be sampled in the Resources section of this web site in the Archive and Web Words pages. While I was a staffer, I spent much of my time sub-editing contributors' copy.