As explained on the Freeware page, I do not offer support for the gratis software available via this site. I hope you find it useful but it is supplied ‘as is’, without warranty or backup of any sort. Should you wish to report a bug or suggest an improvement, I invite you to do so via freeware@audiosignal.co.uk


I do not offer technical or product advice on an individual basis so please do not seek my opinion of particular hi-fi components or ask me to explain how DAB works. Any mail of this nature will not receive a reply.

If you have a comment on or question about an article I have written it should be addressed to the editor of the magazine concerned, who will usually forward it to me. I always respond, if a response is necessary, to communication sent via this ‘proper’ channel.

To contact me about any other matter please do so via keith@audiosignal.co.uk

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