Headphone Measurement Service
MLSSA MLS system analyser
Key elements of the GRAS 43AG ear and cheek simulator
If you need a headphone measured, for whatever purpose, I can do this for you using top-quality professional equipment which includes:
This equipment is compatible with hi-fi headphones of all types: circumaural, supra-aural, earbud and insert. Available analyses include:
Please call 0870 0103150 or email to discuss your individual requirements and for a quote.
Results can be provided in hard copy or electronic form. MLSSA results, including waterfalls, are re-graphed as vector files.
impedance modulus and phase
impulse and step response
frequency response (free- and diffuse-field corrected)
free-field cumulative spectral decay
harmonic distortion
[Photograph: ear and cheek simulator fitted with KEMAR right ear]