[Diagrams: cumulative spectral decay, impedance phase versus frequency]
Loudspeaker Measurement Service
MLSSA MLS system analyser
GRAS 40BE microphone capsule (4Hz-100kHz, -3dB)
GRAS 26CB preamp and 12AL power supply
Lynx Studio Technology L22 sound card
Outline ET1 electronic speaker turntable
If you need a loudspeaker measured, for whatever purpose, I can do this for you using top-quality professional equipment which includes:
Quasi-anechoic measurements can be performed either in a domestic listening room (time window 6ms, frequency resolution 167Hz for 1m measuring distance) or in a local hall (22ms, 45Hz for 1m measuring distance). Available analyses include:
Please call 0870 0103150 or email to discuss your individual requirements and for a quote.
Results can be provided in hard copy or electronic form. MLSSA results, including waterfalls, are re-graphed as vector files.
impedance modulus and phase
impulse and step response
sensitivity (linear, third-octave and weighted)
on-axis and off-axis frequency response
diffraction-corrected near-field bass response
cumulative spectral decay
energy-time curve
harmonic distortion