Staff Training in Audio Technology
My journalistic speciality is the explanation of physical principles and technologies across a wide range of readerships, from general to knowledgeable. These skills transfer naturally to the training of staff, whether they be managers requiring an overview, technical personnel needing a refresher or update, or sales staff in need of a grounding.

Training sessions typically involve the creation of a PowerPoint presentation, preparation of aide-m
émoire or study documents containing diagrams and references, and (where appropriate) high-quality sound demonstrations.

Here are some example topics:
Introduction to digital filtering
Introduction to spectral analysis
Multichannel and high resolution audio
Room acoustics and DSP correction
Loudspeaker measurement
Dither in digital audio
Manipulating Wave files
To discuss your particular training requirements please call on 0870 0103150 or email me.
[Diagram: block stepping for Wave file dynamics analysis]