As explained on the Freeware page, I do not offer support for the gratis software available via this site. I hope you find it useful but it is supplied ‘as is’, without warranty or backup of any sort. Should you wish to report a bug or suggest an improvement, I invite you to do so via freeware@audiosignal.co.uk


I do not offer technical or product advice on an individual basis so please do not seek my opinion of particular hi-fi components or ask me to explain how DAB works. Any mail of this nature will not receive a reply.

If you have a comment on or question about an article I have written it should be addressed to the editor of the magazine concerned, who will usually forward it to me. I always respond, if a response is necessary, to communication sent via this ‘proper’ channel.

To contact me about any other matter please do so via keith@audiosignal.co.uk





I do not disclose any personal information without explicit permission from the person to whom it relates. I do retain contact details in a secure environment that cannot be accessed by any third party but keep it only in order to respond to queries. You may contact me at any time to request sight of, an update to, or the complete removal of, your data. I do not have a mailing list and do not send bulk emails.


I do not track individuals who use this website.

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