I hope eventually, with permission of the copyright holders, to include a variety of past articles here, both audio and automotive. For the moment there are just three: the fruits of the most challenging and enjoyable projects I’ve undertaken with Autocar and my final technical feature for Gramophone.

In 1994 and again in 1995, Autocar (strictly it was still Autocar & Motor in the first instance) helped celebrate its centenary by publishing two ‘books’ – separately bound softcover supplements supplied free with the magazine – about the two most significant supercars of the period: the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F50. I wrote the technical descriptions for both of them.

If it was an almost unreal experience spending 45 minutes quizzing the legendary Paul Rosche, head of BMW Motorsport, about the F1’s mighty 627bhp V12 and then an hour and a half with the no less iconic Gordon Murray discussing the car’s suspension and brakes, it was equally exciting/intimidating visiting Maranello for the first time a year later to get the nuts and bolts story of Ferrari’s ‘Formula 1 car for the road’, the F50. Both McLaren and Ferrari were remarkably forthcoming – I even left Maranello with some CAD drawings of the F50’s front and rear suspension arrangements, something I would never have imagined possible – as a result of which the pieces I wrote contain some details not readily available elsewhere, even in Driving Ambition, the magnum opus about the F1’s design and development co-authored by Gordon Murray himself.

I hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) them as much as I did researching their content in Woking and Modena.

‘Packing It All In’, the solitary audio piece for the present, is a description of the techniques used to compress audio data losslessly, ie without losing information, and makes particular reference to the Meridian Lossless Packing system adopted for DVD-Audio. Again, I’ve chosen to reproduce this because it goes into more detail about the inner workings of the technology than most articles have outside the scientific literature. In case you’re wondering, I did not fashion the title of the piece (I unearthed my original manuscript to check) but I think we can assume a double meaning was intended!




Packing It All In (Gramophone November 1999)






Ferrari 50 (Autocar 7 June 1995)

McLaren F1 (Autocar & Motor 2 March 1994)



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