Wave Files
Many of the Wave files I generate in the course of my work I cannot share with you because they are processed versions of copyright material. But occasionally I am able to post sounds here that I hope you will find interesting. In each case the Wave files are downloadable as zips which also contain a PDF document explaining the content. As new items are added, they will be flagged on the What's New page
Valve microphony
[291KB] contains:
12 Wave files derived from MLSSA impulse files generated in the course of testing the microphony behaviour of the PrimaLuna ProLogue Three preamp and Four power amp with three different valve dampers
which describes the Wave files' content
Crossover distortion
[22.0MB] contains:
piano *.wav
Five Wave files, four of which simulate the addition of given patterns of distortion to a recording of piano
which descibes the Wave files’ content